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Managed CAD, BIM Implementation & Adoption

Simplify your transition to BIM. We help business' work better, faster and more creatively with their chosen design tools.

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Managed CAD, BIM Implementation & Adoption services

BIM is about more than just using a digital design tool like Revit. Therefore, Nittygritty takes a holistic approach to the process. We help you align your efforts to successful outcomes.

Managed CAD, BIM Implementation & Adoption

Digital design and delivery

We have almost 15 years experience in using Bentley Microstation and Autodesk Revit. Our philosophy has evolved to support the idea that architecture, engineering and construction employer’s needs are best understood by a technology company that is:

Architecturally and design focussed.
Adept in CAD and Revit as well as other digital design tools.
Plain-language practitioners, yet BIM experts.
Conversant with industry trends.
Fully entrenched in IT and software development.
Holistic by intent, eliminating technology and knowledge silos.


Nittygritty was founded and built on this ethos, resulting in a strong reputation as London’s ‘go-to’ IT and BIM firm. As a result, almost all our business has come through referrals. We are lead by three directors who qualified in design, architecture and computer science. Our team of highly skilled BIMgineers® and NGneers® support our clients through their technology transitions, project deadlines, and software training. Consequently, we are enablers for BIM, through plain-language explanations of:

The government BIM mandate.
BIM coordination.
Sensible, project-centric implementation strategies.

Finally, by harnessing all facets of these technologies we empower creativity and workflow. Best of all, we deliver client return on investment.

Whether it’s NGneers® looking after your servers or BIMgineers® working with project teams, we will ensure there’s a strong technology strategy in place. Your entire organisation of people, application software, projects and flow of data and information needs to run smoothly. From model exchanges to CAD drawings all project information should pass securely between teams, partners and external stakeholders without glitches. Because we take a joined-up approach we are able to deliver.

Once you’ve got us on board we will ensure that your IT infrastructure is fit for purpose and best practices are in place.

Our BIMgineers® will work with you, utilising our 6-Point Plan: