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Consultancy Services for Creative & AEC Industries


IT Consultancy

Nittygritty came about after we noticed a gap where IT services being offered to creative companies adopted more of a “one size fits all” approach rather than being tailored towards their unique needs.   Architects, Engineers, Construction companies, Building Owners and Creatives working with content-heavy projects have extremely broad IT and software needs & challenges.


 Empowering Creativity Through IT


In a deadline-driven environment with high value projects and stakeholders across geographies, our clients rely on their IT infrastructure 100% of the time. Nittygritty’s consultants and NGneers® facilitate this alignment of business with whichever technology is required for its function.

We can talk to you (jargon-free) about your long term business strategy, return on investment, change management and growth. In addition, we will guide you through big infrastructure decisions like whether to go for on-premises or ‘Cloud’ services. We are experts at installing and configuring design software from, Adobe Creative Cloud to Autodesk Revit. And, we can offer appropriate, sensible advice on things like Internet bandwidth, file storage, disaster recovery, mobile and remote working.

More importantly, our NGneers® and BIMgineers® are on hand every step of the way to help with the adoption of new workflows, methodologies and best practice.

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BIM Consultancy

Transitions to BIM Adoption and Sustainability

Following the publication of the UK government BIM manadate in April 2016 construction is undergoing the biggest transformation in process and methodologies since the arrival of computing (specifically CAD) to mainstream practice in the early 1990’s. Nittygritty is uniquely equipped to advise on the full implications of this to your business because we have been implementing BIM methodologies on real projects since 2008.  Furthermore, we have been using and managing CAD since Microstation v5 and AutoCAD v10.

It’s not just about your IT investment.  The key is the linkage between this and the not insignificant challenge of migrating to new ways of working. We advise on hardware purchasing, visualisation and Virtual Reality. Also on BIM execution plans, software deployment, training. And computational design and automation with tools like Dynamo. Being all-round technology and workflow facilitators, we are able to provide what the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) sector needs for BIM adoption. In addition, our team fully understand the building lifecycle from inception to sustainable building ownership and facilities management.

Since 2008 we’ve helped hundreds of client teams to move from 2D CAD to Revit 3D geometry and BIM deliverables. We can advise all stakeholders in construction and assist both with BIM coordination and alignment with the UK protocols. With proper, appropriate application, BIM will deliver greater efficiency in the interrogation and extraction of information from models, reducing time, clashes, and waste of construction materials.  Ultimately, for building owners, this will help transcend all too familiar business losses and lead to a new path of sustainability and enhanced building and asset operations which in turn will give higher returns on investment.

See our 6-Point Action Plan for successful BIM adoption. This is a blueprint for clients wishing to win new projects under the government mandate.

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Software Development

Our application development team supports the core business through the creation of solutions for both ourselves and our clients. From time management to ticket systems, file transfer to password protection and extensions to Autodesk Revit we have developed a wide range of products, many of which are made available to our clients as part of the service they receive.


Innovating Workflow with Software Development

The software development team innovates in anticipation of, and according to, the demands and trends of our clients and the industry. AEC apps and technology solutions not only solve problems but also create opportunities.

Major changes from design software providers like Microsoft, Autodesk and Adobe mean that business is steadily transitioning to the cloud, adopting subscription-based models, and need ways to connect legacy systems to new technologies.  Consequently, every client is different with varied needs for tying-in new workflows to a fit-for-purpose, bespoke solution.

That’s where a conversation with our development team can help your organisation make the most of its current systems. Or, create a new process or product for a competitive advantage. We design web-based solutions for security, management, proptech, BIM, file sharing and transmittal.  Our solutions cross the boundaries of IT, design and business strategy.

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